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Daler-Rowney Black Photography Paper Backdrop

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  • SKU : P101244
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  • 2 Yrs WARRANTY All our frames structures comes with 2 years warranty for all its parts. To avail this email us the order number and the photographer of our frame with the broken parts, we will replace the broken parts.


Download Daler Rowney Paper Color Chart

Black Photography Paper Backdrop:

Black Photography Paper Backdrop?come in variety of widths. They are a heavy weight, fine-tooth, matte paper range, thick enough to avoid creasing with normal use, designed for professional studio photography.?Maximum durability, compatible with a variety of media, and is ideal forphoto background, display banners, drafting and decorations?providing a high quality final result. From amateurs to professionals, our paper roll backdrops are ideally suited for getting the highest quality backgrounds. Seamless paper is used to create theatrical sets, visual merchandising displays, special event environments and photographic backgrounds. The heavy paper resists wrinkles and creases.?Paper is heavy-weighted, comes in a wide variety of colours and can be cut when the surface becomes dirty.

There is a vivid collection of photography backdrops available in uk

Product Features:

  • High-quality paper
  • Easy to use - just unroll what you need
  • Cost-effective for a wide variety of uses
  • 1.35 x 11 metres -?The original Seamless wrinkle resistant photography background paper / photographic studio backdrop in the full range of 50 colours on a 1.35 metre wide roll (4'5 inchx 36ft), 180 gsm. Core size 5cm diameter (2 inchs).
  • Car size 2.08 x 11 metres -?This is a "car-friendly" sized 2.08 metre (6' 10") roll for mobile studios, or other situations where space is a premium, and when the 2.72m is too large to transport and the 1.35m roll is not wide enough for the job. Weight per roll 6kg.
  • 2.72 x 11 metres?- A wider background paper roll, ideal as a background for product photography or portraiture. The original Seamless photography background paper / photographic studio backdrop in the full range of 50 colours on a 2.72 metre wide roll (8'11 inchx 36ft), 180 gsm. Core size 5cm 2 inchs).
  • 2.72 x 25 metres -?The original seamless Photography background papers photographic backdrops in the most popular colours on a longer roll, 2.72 x 25 metres (8'11 inchx 82ft), 180 gsm. Core size 5cm diameter (2 inchs).
  • 2.72 x 50 metres -?The original Photography background paper on our longest roll in our most popular colours. 2.72 x 50 metres (107 inchx 164ft). Ideal for the busy studio. Core size 5cm diameter (2 inchs).
  • extra wide 3.56 x 30.5 metres -?The original seamless photography background / backdrop paper in White, Chromablue, Smoke Grey and Black on an extra wide roll 3.56 x 30.5 metres (140 inchx 100ft), 180 gsm. ?Core size 5cm diameter (2 inchs). NOTE: These rolls weigh 26kgs (when full), please ensure your background support system can take the weight across the full width.
  • extra wide 3.56 x 15.2 metres -?Extra-wide background rolls in 15.2 metre length for large product photography, group portraits, film and video. Core size 5cm diameter (2 inchs). NOTE: these rolls weigh approx 13kg, please ensure that your background support system can support the wieght.

Customer Reviews

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awesome product ...good in colour...quick delivery...

Good Team..

So polite and they help me to receive my product within 3 days it.This is the greatest backdrop site hands down!! Ryan and Kathy are an amazing team of who take the time to make sure their clients are satisfied!


Nice weight, quality, and great neutral color for home, family photo shoot movements.