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3M X 4.5M Grey Photography Backdrop With Support System Stand
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3M X 4.5M Grey Photography Backdrop With Support System Stand

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Grey Muslin Photo Background:

Grey Muslin Photo Background are 100% cotton material. washable, and durable backdrops. They come with sewn sleeves for a supporting rod. The 3 inchhem on top is provided for hanging the backdrop from a crossbar. Wrinkles can be easily removed by steming. Grey Muslin creates a smooth background for virtually any situation in which a backdrop is needed. Special dyes are used to get dynamic colors which appear bright and not dull. Grey studio Backdrop creates a rare impression in any studio or location. Ideal for portraits, events, product shots, video production and lot more.

Portable Photography Backdrop Stand - 3m Wide X 3m Tall

The backdrop stand is 3m wide with a maximum height of 3m collapsible to 0.3m. It is a sturdy stand made for studio and outdoor use for aiding wedding photography, creating youtube videos, documentary shoots, face to face interviews etc. It can hold and support canvas muslin backdrops, vinyl backgrounds, paper backdrops etc. with ease. Quick to dismantle and assemble for swift pack-ups.
GreyÿMuslin Backdrop Features:
  • Heavy duty professional qualityÿ
  • Seamless - made from one pieceÿ
  • 3 inch rod pocket for quick hangingÿ
  • Sewn finish on all sides
  • Machine washable with mild detergent, tumble dry on low
  • Easily release wrinkles with a warm iron on the back or steam while hanging
  • 100% cotton to absorb light and help eliminate reflectionÿ
Backdrop Stand Features:
  • Easy to set up and collapse; no tools needed
  • Opens to 10ft (304 cm) wide and extends to 9ft (274 cm) high
  • Collapses to 120 cm in. high
  • Stand heights adjustable up to 3m, width adjustable up to 3m
  • Backdrop stand use 3 single actions nut locks, providing fast precision height adjustment
  • Cross-bar consists of 4 sections allowing simple adjustments of width. Maximum capacity is approximately 9kg or 20lbs
  • 5/8 in female sockets at each end of cross bar, allowing you to use the cross-bar on any light stands
  • Holds muslin,vinyl or any textile backdrops
  • Disassembles quickly and fits easily into its carry case
  • Case is made from heavy duty material, with pockets to fit the components of the background support
  • 1 x GreyÿPhotography Backdrop 3m X 4.5m
  • 1 X Backdrop Stand

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