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3 Head 750W Continuous Softbox Studio Lighting With Studio Backdrop & Boom Arm Equipment Kit

SKU : KIT-PK-65-000
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Studio Softbox with Light E27 Socket 50cm X 70cm Equipment has application in commercial and still life photography for shooting tabletop products.The inbuilt light bulb holder can hold any fluorescent bulb with an E27 holder. It easily folds/ unfolds like an umbrella and requires no speed ring to attach to a light head.

Chroma Key Green Screen Photo Backdrop has application for video productions, shootings and computer graphic effects as background. The photography backdrop is produced from rich quality non-reflective cotton fabric that creates a smooth unblemished green screen. For editing photographs digitally chroma key backdrops are essential. The green colored muslin backdrop is the preferred cloth and has been scientifically colour matched for digital photography.

Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.

Portable Photography Backdrop Stand - 3m Wide X 3m Tall is 3m wide with a maximum height of 3m collapsible to 1.2m. It is a sturdy stand made for studio and outdoor use for aiding wedding photography, creating youtube videos, documentary shoots, face to face interviews etc. It can hold and support canvas muslin backdrops, vinyl backgrounds, paper backdrops etc. with ease. Quick to dismantle and assemble for swift pack ups.

2.6m Tall Studio Light Accessory Stand has application in both studio and product photography. It is the most commonly used accessory for mounting tungsten light, flash or strobe or monolight, red light and other light heads for a steady focus. The actual weight is very less, with easy handling for back lighting subject or lighting the background. The stand is designed with black aluminum tubing and easy-grip knobs.
Boom Arm Photography Light Stand is capable of easily supporting a 12 pound load overhead.The hole on the end of the boom arm will allow you to attach your own counter weight to the item, giving you flexibility in the weight system used. The thread for the boom reverses between 3/8 and 1/4 threading and can attach either in the standard parallel fashion or sticking to the side perpendicular to the item. It is a versatile lighting tool for lighting multiple people in a scene or for opening up a dark area with natural-looking light. Used for overhead illumination in product and portrait photography. The adjustable metal junction allows easy rotation of the arm. Do not use on stands without air cushioning. Best for hair lighting in portrait  photography.

Studio Softbox with Light E27 Socket 50cm X 70cm Equipment
  • Softbox delivers a soft and balanced lighting
  • The diffuser panel mounted at the front of the softbox disperses even light
  • The light bulb holder can hold any fluorescent bulb with E27 holder
  • The Fluorescent Bulb generates much lesser heat than the halogen light
  • Perfect for portraits and product photography. Easily folds/ unfolds like an umbrella
  • Softboxes are used heavily in portrait photography and many other types of commercial photography
  • It is an effective, lightweight tool for reducing light intensity without sacrificing softness
  • The Softbox eliminates hotspots and evenly distributes the light as well
  • The softbox design has been proven for its quality and durability
  • Softbox is also known as photo box or photobox

Chroma Key Green Screen Photo Backdrop

  • Professional quality and durable
  • Single seamless fabric for standard size with max. 3m width
  • 7.5 cm (3") width rod pocket for easy hanging
  • Machine sewn on all sides for perfect finish
  • Easy clean and maintenance
  • hand washable with mild detergent
  • Steam while hanging or iron for removing wrinkles
Portable Photography Backdrop Stand - 3m Wide X 3m Tall
  • Maximum Width: 3m
  • Minimum Width : 1.5m
  • Maximum Height: 3m
  • Minimum Height: 1.2m

2.6m Tall Studio Light Accessory Aluminium Metal Stand

  • Min. Height - 2.5ft(0.78 m)
  • Max. Height - 8.5ft (2.6 m)
  • Max. Loading Weight: 2.5kg
  • Net Weight: 1050g
  • Tube Diameter: 23.5mm
  • Folded Height: 810mm

 Boom Arm Photography Light Stand

  • Safety 3 Leg Stages
  • Quick release Lever System
  • Locking System for Light Safety
  • Height adjustable Min 37.5 cms with footprint
  • Extendable arm extends to 89 cms with supporting up to 1.8 Kgs
  • Minimum Height: 1.3 m
  • Maximum Height: 3.96 m
  • Closed length: 1.12 m
  • 4 Sections boom stand
  • Max length - boom arm: 2.1 m
  • Max length - stand: 1.92 m
  • Arm Diameter : 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm
  • Max Load: 5.5 Kgs
85W Fluorescent Bulb
  • Bulb Shape : Spiral
  • 85 Watt fluorescent light = 250 watt incandescent light
  • Bulb Color : Full Spectrum Base Type : E27 Medium Lumens : 500
  • Color Temperature : 5500 Kelvin
  • Length :27.5cm Width : 10cm
  • Voltage : 220 - 240
  • Frequency : 60Hz
  • Color Rendering Index : 80
  • Life Hours : 8000 - 10000
1 x Chroma Green or Blue Screen Photo Muslin Backdrop
1 x Portable Photography Backdrop Stand - 3m Wide X 3m Tall

3 x Studio Softbox with Light E27 Socket 50cm X 70cm Equipment
3 x 85 watts Fluorescent Bulb
2 x 2.6m Tall Studio Light Accessory Stand
1 x Boom Kit

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