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2 Head 2000W Bicolour LED Video Lighting Equipment Kit with Chromakey Backdrop & Support System

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2 Head 2000W Bi-Colour Powerful LED Video Light Kit with DMX Output with Backdrop & Stand is suitable for use for photographers and videographers of all levels. From amateurs to professionals, the Professional Photography Video LED Light Kit is ideally suited for taking the perfect product catalogue, glamour and model professional photos and videos, ideal for Vbloggers, Interviews, Review Videos, Podcast and much more..

This kit includes a double LED Panel lighting set, 1 x backdrop stand & 1 x muslin backdrop. This exclusive set features 2 Point Light Kit creating a total of 2000W of studio natural lighting plus a backdrop stand 3m wide and a solid coloured backdrop 3m wide.

A two-point lighting setup is the standard for most basic filming.

  • Key light: The key light is the strongest, providing most of the light in the shot. It’s generally placed in front of your subject, around 45-degrees above and 45-degrees to the right or left.
  • Fill light: This is a softer light, used to fill in shadows on the subject’s face. It should be positioned to the side, opposite the key light.

The big advantage of LEDs is that they tend to stay relatively cool, they last a really long time, and use a fraction of the energy of CFC, incandescent or tungsten bulbs. LED-based studio lighting is designed for video use—but can also be used for still photography. This is especially true with lights that are made of panels that house dozens of small LED bulbs. The advantage of LED lights made for video in a still photography studio is that many of these units let you dial in the color temperature you desire, typically ranging from daylight to tungsten, while others let you switch from one to the other.


    • Bi-Colour 3200K-5600K Variable Colour temperature
    • Low heat emissions
    • Energy Efficient
    • Bulbs have a 50,000 hour life expectancy
    • User-Friendly Controls
    • Features V-Mount Battery Plate
    • Has DMX output
    • Metal construction.
    • Mounts to any 5/8" support devices including stands, booms and Hi-Glide fitting

    1000W Bright Bi-Colour LED Video Panel Light Kit with DMX Output

    • Max. Power Output  - 2000W
    • Brightness  - 4500 Lux @2m
    • F-Stop (at 1m)  -  Approx. f/3.6 (1/80 Sec @ ISO 100)
    • Number of LEDs  - 1040
    • Colour Temperature  - 3200-5600K
    • Beam Angle  45°
    • TLCI - 95
    • CRI - ≥95%
    • Power Range - 10-100%
    • Remote - 99 Channels 2.4GHz
    • Remote Working Distance - >30m
    • LED Lifespan - Approx. 50,000 Hours
    • DMX Output - Yes
    • V-Mount Battery Plate - Yes
    • Voltage - DC15V 4A
    • Dimensions - 360mm x 395mm x 25mm
    • Net. Weight - 3.91kg (4.16kg Including Carry Bag)

      2.3m Light Stand 

      • Min height - 0.78m Max Height - 2.3m
      • Max.Loading Weight: 6kg
      • Tube Diameter: 23.5mm Folded Height: 810mm
        • 1 x Chroma Green Photography Muslin Backdrop Size 3m Wide x 6m High
        • 1 x Portable Photography Backdrop Stand 3m Wide x 3m High ( Two Tripods & 4 Crossbars)
        • 2 x 1000W Bright Bi-Colour LED Video Panel Light Kit with DMX Output
        • 2 x 230cm Adjustable Light Stand

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