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Posted by Chris Hughes on

I was a nobody during my high school, had no goal or idea of what I will be in the next few years. I’m not the guy who knows which side his bread is being buttered and certainly it was quite a difficult climb. It was then I visited my Grandpa at Perth who inspired me through his photography skills to take up this interest.

Ordained as a photographer, I decided to set up my own studio. Gathered funds by selling my bike, cleared my garage and found a great space to begin. Getting ample space was an excellent start. Now I wanted to equip my work space with all the necessary essentials. My cousin Emma was about to get married in few days and I had started working on the studio quickly.

I had visited around the streets, equipment stores, specialist galleries but couldn’t find good quality equipments. It was my first investment for studio equipment and it was my desire to have the best quality at the most economical cost. My search led me to explore internet which provided with lots of information around photography. I came across plenty of websites which had lot to offer but couldn’t get a personal perspective from the photography experts. There were few websites which had massive brand presence and content written about their products but for an amateur like me it was a non starter.

The prices mentioned were prohibitive and the products were also not matching my specifications of choice. These challenges led me to believe that photography was not a grandpa’s duck to be brought and reared. In the meanwhile my friend visited me at home who had been away for a few years in UK. He had completed a project in the past, shooting for jewelry photography in college. He was quick to recommend as a single shop for photography and studio equipment.

I logged on to the web and searched for this site, to my amazement this same site was available as in Australia based out of Brisbane. I am located in the same state of Queensland, sunshine coast. I saw the phone numbers legibly mentioned on the header of Backdropsource site which in itself was thrilling. I dialed and was connected to a sweet soft spoken voice of a support executive, who courteously inquired about my requirements. I was a first time purchaser of studio and photography equipment and hence had lot of queries and doubts; the person was patient and responded to all my doubts earnestly. I had requested them for non standardised offering other than what Backdropsource have listed in their website; she took my custom request diligently and mentioned to call in sometime. I placed my order for one muslin background, lighting sets, support stands and LEDs.

My products arrived by next day. They were in excellent condition packaged neatly I quickly opened and installed the stand. It was a cake walk. I hung the backdrop over the stand through the rod pocket, set my soft box on the lighting stand and lit it by installing the bulb. The last to be opened were the LED lights, which were packed compactly with foam. All these installations transpired within 20 minutes. Thank you backdropsource for making me feel special and be a winner at the start.

Overwhelmed with “MY” first photography equipment kit, I was ecstatic with joy. My favourite product was the LED kit. I am totally in love with it as it made my day easy and comfortable during Emma’s pre-wedding shoot. We shot in enclosed areas and a lot outside too, the lights worked out so well that every picture was classy and memorable.

Courtesy : Ethan Cribb, Wedding Photographer

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