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Portable Support Stand System for Straight Fabric Tube Wall Backdrop / Banner

  • £259
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  •  Installation Instructions

    Assemble the frame - Less the feet.

    Pull the fabric over the frame and pull on the sides evenly.

    They may catch a bit on the tube joints, just pull the fabric out and over to continue. Once the fabric is on the frame it is easiest to lay the frame down to zip the fabric under the bottom tube.

    Zipping the fabric

    Find the end where the zipper is to start.

    Grab both sides of the fabric and pull around the bottom tube of the frame. This stretches the fabric and makes it easier to set the zipper.

    Start the zipper and zip it across the bottom of the stand, pulling the fabric down if need be.


    Add the feet to your Zip Stand and stand it up.

    Adjustments: These tube frames can be easily adjusted if there is a twist to the frame after the fabric is on. Simply twist the frame until it is flat. The tension of the fabric will hold it where you set it.

    Product Features
    Flexible stretch material that easily pulls and fits perfectly onto the aluminum frame Display fully secured with a zipper
    Fabric made machine washable
    Lightweight aluminum frame with snap lock tubes
    Quick and easy set-up, no tools needed
    Rolling Hardcase Podium (B) with Fabric Podium Graphics

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