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Review on Solid White Colour Studio Muslin Photo Backdrop

Posted by Ryan McCullum on

Solid White backdrop have become a popular fabric for their lightweight, premium quality at economical cost and versatility.  White backdrop is a solid colour background and hung flat or can be draped to transform the backdrop of a photo.

 It is 100% muslin proving it flexibility to fold and drape over any object for exquisite appeal. Muslin backdrops are aptly dense fabric with excellent thickness for a smooth screen finish. These are the most desired to shoot professional photos and videos. Wrinkles are a common phenomenon in muslin fabric which can be done away with by sprinkling water after hanging on a backdrop stand beofre shoot. This simple tip aids in a smooth white background. By improvising the backdrop placement and use of directional background lighting techniques, muslin can either be used as a neutral background or a dramatic surface. 

Solid White backdrop is available in standard size and pattern of  2m x 3m to 20m x 20m. The dimension may be varied and customised to suit specific requirements.

The backdrop is 180 GSM. This means that the fabric weighs 180 gms for 1 square meter of fabric cloth. It is an optimal specification to deliver best value for money backdrop.

White Backdrop product highlight

  • Solid White Colour Background
  • Unblemished smooth finish
  • Enhances the natural light effect for outdoor shoot 
  • Sense of pure photo finish with flash as artificial light source

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