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Slave Flash Light with PC Sync Cord Cable 45W 110V 5500K Photo Studio Strobe Bulb

SKU : LIG-FL-45-000
  • £60 exlu. VAT
    incl. VAT

  • Slave Flash is an economical strobe light source with a built-in optical slave sensor that you use in any standard AC household lamp fixture or Edison E27 socket. 
  • The light weight strobe serves as a self contained main light as well with the included sync cable. 

Here are a few examples of the flexibility of this product:

  • You can hide them in large interior sets, replacing the tungsten bulbs within fixtures to keep an ambient daylight effect, without overpowering the main light exposure. 
  • Using several judiciously adds to the overall natural daylight look in the room. 
  • String several units on a ceiling perimeter to fill the room with wraparound light that stays in sync with your on camera flash.
  • More practical uses are copy stand lights, security camera flash source, multiple light portrait sets, and edge effect accents
  • The budget solution for AC power slave flash
  • Perfect for people or object photography
  • Durable impact resistant housing
  • Uses Flashpoint light control accessories
  • Rapid 1 - 2 second recycle time
  • Sync via optical or cable
  • Pre-flash test button
  • LED color status indicator
  • Screws into standard AC lamp socket
  • Consistent color, power and reliability
  • Output: 45WS
  • Guide No.( ISO100) 28m
  • Triggering: Slave, Sync Cord & Test
  • Recycle time: 8s, Flash Duration: 1/1000S
  • Color temperature: 5600K

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