Gaffer tape
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Gaffer tape

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Gaffer Tape is a multi-purpose low tack fabric tape designed for temporary uses such as securing Photographic Backdrops. The Tape has a vinyl style finish but a cloth weave which gives it a great deal of strength and integrity, yet, the tape can be torn by hand to the correct length.

The Low Tack adhesive is grippy enough to allow background papers and fabrics to be attached to walls and ceilings, it can also be used to attach the trailing edge of the background paper to the floor to prevent "curl". The tape can also be used to join background papers and fabrics together.

The term Gaffer comes  from the film industry and refers to the person in charge of the Electricals and lighting which is why the Gaffer Tape has its name, being used extensively in the film.Each roll is film wrapped.

There is a vivid collection of fashion muslin backdrops available in uk.

Dimension: 48mm wide x 66m length
Color: Black/White
1 x Gaffer tape

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