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Two Bar Motorised Roller Background Support Set

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Complete two bar wall mounted motorised rotor roller background support set for photography and video studios or installations where it is necessary to deploy and pack away photography backdrops quickly and efficiently. Change your background? between sessions, or during a session, in seconds.

The roller bars are 3m long, made up of 3 sections which slide and click together. You can take out the middle section to make a shorter bar, around 2.1m which is perfect for the 1.35m width background rolls.

Counterweight bars are included to attach to the free end of the background roll to ensure it unwinds and to keep your paper rolls smooth and flat.

Additional accessories are available to expand the system - kit does not include background paper.

There is a vivid collection of pop up green screen available.


In the event of failure of the Rotor Roller system (due to manufacturing problems) within 12 months of purchase then we will either replace or refund. Details in the small print ...

What is Guaranteed: We guarantee that the product will remain in working order for the life of the guarantee so long as the product has been used and installed correctly. We guarantee against manufacturing defect causing breakdown. If the product has been used correctly, and it breaks then we will either replace or refund, whichever the customer prefers. How can we give this guarantee? The Rotor Roller system is manufactured to the highest quality standard and we are confident that the system will give many years of faithful service but in the unlikely event a breakdown does occur, we promise to do all we can to put things right.

What doesn't the free guarantee cover? The guarantee does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse or improper installation or installation in a hostile environment (eg excessive moisture or dust).

Roller bar - 3m long
No. of sections - 3 sections that slide and click together
Removal section - middle section to shorten the bar
Minimum Width - 2.1m best for 1.35m width background rolls

  • 2 x motorised roller bars
  • 2 x spirit level counterweight bars
  • 2 x remote controls
  • 4 x single roll wall brackets
  • 2 x triple roll wall brackets