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Telescopic background support pole
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Telescopic background support pole

SKU : 152035
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Telescopic aluminium background support pole intended for use in situations where a photography background is being suspended in such a way that the inner cardboard tube requires support. This pole can be used with our background stands or attached to wall or ceiling mounts (not included).

The pole extends from 152cms right out to 396cms.

The diameter of the thickest part of the pole is 2.5cms and the thinnest 2cms. The hole that you can see in the picture is 2.5cm long and 1.2cm wide. Made from a brushed lightweight alloy and the whole thing weighs just 2k

NB: This pole is recommended for use with backgrounds up to 8kg which is perfect for our 2.72 x 11m (6kgs) and 1.35 x 11m (3kgs) rolls. It is not recommended for use with our 3.56 x 30m rolls where a full roll weighs 26kg.

There is a vivid collection of good quality photo backdrops available in uk.

Length 152 cms to 396 cms
Hole Diameter 2 cms to 2.5 cms
Support Weight upto 8kg
1 x Telescopic background support pole

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