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Sky Rail Kit

SKU : NL-SA07-1042
  • £997
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The sky Rail System is the perfect solution for those who require a bit more floor space. This is a cost effective and space saving solution for your studio setup. Attach the fixed rail to the ceiling. 

Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.

Attach the running rail to the fixed rail (at 90 degrees). Attach the panto graph to the running rail. Attach your lighting to the end of the panto graph and extend or contract as needed. Please sure that your lighting equipment is secured to the panto graph and that it is mounted parallel to the panto graph before using

Lighting and equipment is not included, this kit only includes the following components:-

2x 3m Top Fixed Rails
3x 3m Running Rails
6x Top Fixed Rail Track Fixing Brackets (3 brackets per track, to fix the track to the underside of ceiling)
12x Concrete Anchor Bolts (to be used with fixing brackets)
6x Double Roller Carriages (attaches running rail to fixed rail)
4x Single Roller/ Pully (Fix to underside of double track to hang pantograph)
4x Pantographs
1x Safety End Stopper (Fix to the end of tracks; pack of 10)
12x Cable/ Wire Tie Pulleys (Fix to the bottom of the Track to hand wiring and cables)
4x Wire Clips and Spigot

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