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Photography Umbrella White 43 Inch

SKU : BSU-WH-00-000
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Umbrella white reduces /increases, softens the light from any light source.White interior umbrellas soften the light better than one with silver lining. Can be used as a softbox in some cases. This 43" White Umbrella works best for portraits for one or two persons.

There is a vivid collection of photo backdrop available.

  • This umbrella softens and spreads light and offers a very natural and pleasing effect onto your subject.
  • Photography umbrellas in glossy white produce similar output as same as silver umbrella without harshness. White umbrella is used to produce soft light.
  • Lights passes through the white umbrella is removed of harshness and produce with a soft glow. It is also used to get rid of shadows while taking photographs.
  • White umbrella is commonly used in a place where shadowing is common and for portrait photographs.
1 x Photography Umbrella White 43 Inch

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