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Photography Copy Stand Equipment

SKU : LIG-CS-58-000
  • £180 exlu. VAT
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Photography Copy Stand Equipment is a support system used to copy image or text using a camera. Copy stands are mostly used for photographing old photos, Coins, Stamps, Books, Beads and widely used in macro photography. It offers the ease of getting the perfect top angle view for certain objects that has to be shot from the top angle. It is 3ft high adjustable and has a heavy duty camera holder with a spitirt which can hold any type of camera.

There is a vivid collection of photo backdrops available in uk.
  • Height : 71 cm /28 inches  or 58 cm / 23 inches
  • Base size : 40cm X 48cm / 16"X19" or 36cm X 40cm / 14" X16"
  • Quick release plate
  • This is a well-built stand ideal for currency photography.
  • The stand helps to take great photos in a vertical plane.
  • The height of the stand is adjustable so that it can take the weight of heavy cameras.
1 x Photography Copy Stand Equipment

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