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Photography 320W Studio Flash Light Softbox Equipment Kit

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Photography 160W Studio Flash Light Softbox Equipment Kit has 160W Studio Flash Light adjoined with a softbox at its head to generate soft, even white light for photographs.

Softbox for 160W Flash Light
  • Softbox diffuses the strobe/flash for perfect even lighting
  • The front screens are key to produce a soft, efficient source
  • To optimize the output of your light sources, soft boxes have an inner diffuser
  • Skin tones come to life and blemishes fade away
  • Colours pop and photo shots are professional
  • Output power: 160W
  • Input voltage: AC220V-240V / 50HZ
  • Recycle time: 0.5-2 sec.
  • Modeling lamp: 50W | Bi-pin Base
  • Flash Tube Bulb: Wattage: 110W |  Flash Tube Life: 8000 Hrs.
  • Flash duration(sec.): 1/2000-1/800
  • Flash triggering method: test button/slave/sync cord/infrared
  • Color temperature: 5500K ±100K
  • Fuse: 5A
  • Dimensions  7.87" x 6.69" x 3.94" (20 cm x 17 cm x 10 cm)
  • Lumens  - 1000
  • Power: AC supply
  • Power Input of Transmitter: 23A 12V battery (Not included)
  • Power Input of Receiver: 2 AAA batteries
2 x 160w Flash Unit
2 x Light Stand
2 x Softbox for Flash
1 x Barndoor with Color Filters
1 x Studio Bag
1 x Digital Trigger & Receiver

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