Mushroom 32W Light Bulbs Pair Accessory
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Mushroom 32W Light Bulbs Pair Accessory

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Mushroom Bulbs 32 watt are high-output daylight balanced. Ideally suited for digital photography. The daylight color eliminates the need for color correction. They exert very low heat and they don't get scorched like the more common photo bulb choices. Optimal color temperature makes this bulb perfect for photography.

There is a vivid collection of pop up green screen available in uk.


Used In Fittings Like Panels , Bollards , Under Water & Under Ground , Downlighters , Wall Lights ,Etc In Indoor & Outdoor Applications Of Malls , Homes , Shops , Galleries & Offices.

  • Qty: 2
  • Style: Mushroom/Umbrella Shaped Spiral
  • Bulb Wattage: 32 Watt
  • Color Tone: Daylight
  • Color temperature: 5500 K
  • Use at 220V/50 HZ
  • Light output: 5,600 LM
  • CRI (color rendering index) > 84
  • E27 standard screw-in base
  • Average life: 8,000 - 10,000 hrs
  • Saves energy up to 80%

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