Light Tent - Photography Product Equipment
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Light Tent - Photography Product Equipment

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Light tent is famous in the field of photography as people want to sell their products through websites. Light tents are ideal for taking high quality photography even for an amateur.

Light tents are made of translucent fabric, durable, neutral color to surround your product in beautiful soft light. The fabric diffuses lighting also from all sides, including thetop and bottom. Tent light makes product photography easy.

There is a vivid collection of pop up green screen available.
  • Just place the object to be photographed within the tent and turn the light trying to both sides. There is no need for flashes or strobes. The use of daylight is balanced fluorescent light are recommended, as they have the right balance and not become colored hot asincandescent light.
  • 100% pure white high-quality nylon fabric Light Tent, Nylon lining for optimum light diffussion and distribution.
  • Gently diffuses the light from your light source to prevent shadows and reflections for clean, consistent images.
  • A removable front panel allows for further control of reflections when photographing reflective subjects such as silver and glass.
  • Stainless steel spring frame for super-quick set-up.
  • Folds into a small carrying pouch for easy transport and neat storage. Professional Light Sets
  • No need for filters or software editing (the color of the image closely resembles the color of the original item)
1 x Light Tent

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