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Green/ Blue Photography Collapsible Dual Side Backdrop With White/ Black Trains

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Green/ Blue Photography Collapsible Dual Side Background with White/ Black Trains

Folding Green/Blue backgrounds with White and Black train covers on each side respectively is ideal for traveling portraits or event photography. Green/Blue backgrounds can be used for manipulation of photos/videos.They are self-supporting, or can be used with your background support system.

The choice for photography lights are available as studio lighting kit.

Collapsible chromakey green/blue background ( Size 1.5mx2m)
Train Cover : One side Black backdrop and the other side White ( Size 1.5mx4m)
Ideal for the traveling portrait or event photographer
The backgrounds are self-supporting, or can be used in conjunction with your background support system
Supplied with a 2 colored train
Great for general neutral portrait shots and studio works
The Black & White Train are great to be used in high key and low key portrait works.
Made of 100% high quality cotton Muslin
Extremely durable double-riveted frame
Green side - can also be used a Reflector; Blue side - as a light absorber
Collapses to 1/3 size
Wipe with a damp cloth to clean
High-quality, non-reflective cotton
Double-riveted frame
Folded diameter : 65cm
Weight: 3kg approx.
Black / White train is made from two 1.5 x 4m pieces (100% cotton) and connected by zips.
The 1.5m front train gives extra shooting space to shoot full length body shots
Backgrounds: Length - 4 m, approx 1.8m of train (covered by zip on the background panel) ; Approx 2.2m of train on both sides of the panel


For head shots, this background can be a lifesaver. When used with the optional Background support system or set-up against a wall, this background can rapidly shoot multiple subjects. For example, Works when head shots are needed for school/college/office brochures.
1 x Green/ Blue Photography Collapsible Dual Side Backdrop With White/ Black Trains

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