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Flolight Cyclight Green Screen Fixture

  • £1,060 exlu. VAT
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FloLight proudly presents the world's first single fixture, LED light for greenscreen shooting: The CycLight.
Imagine, the ease and simplicity of shooting greenscreen with only one light! With the CycLight, you can finally say good bye to tweaking and fumbling with multiple lights.

FloLight's patented "Light Wave" technology limits the amount of light close to the floor and progressively increases the light for a perfectly lit greenscreen every time.
The CycLight promises to change the way you shoot greenscreen.

Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop. 

  • Lights an even 2m x 3m greenscreen
  • Great for greenscreens in tight locations
  • Three 40 watt high power green LEDs
  • Built in dimmer
  • Compact 270x200x200mm size
  • Use multiple units for wider screen
  • Mount on Door or ceiling
  • Place just 120mm from wall
1 x Flolight Cyclight

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