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Diamond Dazzler LED Bulb - 18w

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LED Dazzler is a unique light bulb to bring out minute details on Diamonds and Crystals. It is a specific kind used for diamonds and all colors of gemstones to add glitter and sparkle. It can also add depth and brings out the fire (dispersion) of well cut diamonds, making an otherwise flat image seem to jump off the screen. This bulb is often found in "white" LED bulbs. Dazzle Led Bulb reduces glare on glossy subjects and it is compatible with standard E27 holders. The bulb fits in a standard light bulb socket.

There is a vivid collection of photo backdrops available.

  • Power - 18w 
  • Brings out a diamond's fire
  • Lights up the facets of colored gems without producing "glare" or "hotspots"
  • Color is matched to our other lighting products
  • Fits E27 standard screw-in bulb socket
1 x Diamond Dazzler LED Bulb - 18w

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