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Brolly Box Reflective Studio 40"

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Brolly Box Reflective Studio 40". Underside is White, the upperside is Black, the inside is Reflector Silver. It comes with a fabric sleeve to protect during transport.Brolly box folds umbrella style into a compact package that you can enjoy high efficiency studio style softbox lighting on location.

The light effect is similar to an equally sized Softbox. The light first bounces off the silver reflective surface and is then further diffused by the translucent front panel. Just insert the flash-head reflector into the umbrella box and close the opening for immediate set up. Also suitable to use with our studio flash strobes.


Handle the Brolly Box just like an umbrella. Fix it to the light stand and collapse it when not using it and keep it in a compact place
Insert the metal pole into the hole on your strobe clamp / light stand. Run it through until the Brolly Box touches the strobe reflector
The zipper must face the floor when being opened
See that the loose fabric in the lower side of the Brolly Box is hanging outside. Make sure draw string and a zipper face the floor.
Close the zipper and drawstring with the reflector
Pull the Brolly Box above the head of the strobe and close the zipper
Switch on the strobe and see that the fan cools your light head to maintain the heat
Accurately position the lights when using a Brolly Box

There is a vivid collection of backdrops available in uk.
  • 40" diameter
  • 28" long when closed; 9" wide zip opening
  • Small and easy storage
  • Spreads even soft light
  • Similar to Umbrella
  • Light spread reaches wide range
  • Easy setup 
1 x Brolly Box Reflective Studio

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