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7 in 1 Reflector

SKU : NL-LS06-010A
  • £54

7 in 1 Reflector is the ideal solution for light control in your photos and videos. With a simple flip of the sleeve, the reflector can be used as a warm gold tone reflector, a soft silver reflector, a neutral white bounce, or a solid black flag.

TRANSLUCENT - Gives a soft and diffused light.
SILVER - Highly reflective with high light output and gives a crisp light.
SOFT GOLD - combines gold and silver, creating a warm, summery feel that works great with skin tones.
GOLD - Highly reflective with high light output and gives a soft warm light.
WHITE - Gives a soft even light output.

Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.

  • Reflectors emit 5500K of white light perfect for lighting products
  • Internal disc also used as a diffuser to soften and spread the light hitting your subject
  • It comes with silver, gold, soft gold, white, Green, Blue and translucent
  • Reflector easily collapses to fit into the included carrying case
  • Create dramatic lighting effects
  • Shape: Triangle
1 x 7 in 1 Photography Reflector

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