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4 Leaf Photography Barn Door And Color Gels For Flash Light

SKU : LBD-LC-04-000
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4 Leaf barn door alters the shape, intensity and color of flash and continuous lights. Attach barn door to any light source to create a beam of light. It cuts down on lens flare. 4 Leaf Barn Door and Color Filters for Flash is perfect accessory for Direct & Hard Lighting.

There is a vivid collection of fashion muslin backdrops available in uk.

  • Barn doors are vital in any lighting system
  • In addition to controlling the quantity of light striking the subject, they prevent light spill and camera lens flare
  • These 4-leaf barn doors clamp onto any standard metal reflector
  • Opens and closes to any position to control amount of light
  • Constructed of aluminum with plated steel. This barn door is sold as an attachment for professional flash and continuous lighting
1 x 4 Leaf Photography Barn Door And Color Filters

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