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Rechargable Portable Light LI-Ion Battery for 2000W Bi-Colour LED

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This Li-Ion battery power pack is for 2000W LED Bi-Colour light. It enables you to shoot outdoors without hiccups. These can be inserted in the slot made for the LED lights and used for long hours. It has a backup time of over 2 - 3 hrs on full charge.
Adopting five-level LED display which indicates capacity more accurately.
The choice of world famous Li-ion cell ensures stable performance and reliable security
The built-in software and hardware dual protecting circuits protect the battery from overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature
With renewable protective function against short-circuit, it could recover to work immediately after charging it in case short circuit happens

There is a vivid collection of backdrops available in uk.

Extra-large capacity 160Wh
With standard Sony V mount
With standard Power Tap socket, it could power directly for the ultralight camera light and can also be charged by portable travel charger.
Output Voltage:14.8v
Capacity: 11Ah / 160Wh
Weight: 1100g
Size: 161mm*106mm*55mm
1 x Rechargable Battery for 2000w LED Light

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