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123 Video Magic Pro Video + 123 Image Magic Photo Editing Software

SKU : BDS-CKS-0003
  • £82

Edit your photos and videos with cool transitions, green screen after effects and overlays!

There is a vivid collection of photography backgrounds available.

Note: Once you place an order , a email will be sent with the instructions on how to download the software with the registration key.

123 Video Magic Pro Green Screen Video Editing Software

  • Capture and edit videos
  • Change the background of the Presenter
  • Superimpose still images, audios and cool transitions.
  • Teleprompter - To help as a reading aid.
  • Publish videos in multiple formats

Want to Edit Video? - 123 Video Magic Pro Features 

Video Capturing Screen

  • Capture and Import Videos                               
  • Teleprompter- To help as a reading aid
  • Video Preview Window                               
  • Sample Videos                               

 Video Editing Screen                   

  • Add Photography Backgrounds/Foreground
  • Set Chroma Key Intensity                               
  • Replace Green Background                               
  • Replace Blue Background                             
  • Options to find missing codec                               

 Image Editing Section                

  • Set Chroma Key Intensity
  • Replace Green Background                               
  • Replace Blue Background               
  • Resize/Rotate/Crop/Flip                               
  • Image Resolution                               

 Adjustment Foreground/Background/Overlays                               

  • Brightness / Contrast / Hue
  • Color Balancing (RGB)                               
  • Saturation                               

 Canvas Settings                              

  • Canvas Size                               
  • Change Canvas Color                               
  • Change Resolution                               

 Movie Maker Screen                   

  • Add Video                               
  • Superimpose audios in video                               
  • Add Images                               
  • Transitions and Effects                               
  • Background Templates                               

 Publish Options                              

  • Output format for Image- BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG
  • Output format for video- WMV, AVI, MPEG, HAV
  • Video Import Format- WMV, AVI, MPG, MPEG
  • Video Upload to YouTube                               
Transform your photos & videos with unbelievable chroma key video editing software 123 Video Magic Pro. The perceptive interface & extraordinary results make 123 Video Magic Pro ideal for beginners as well as professionals. It facilitates the users to realize a new world of magical & innovative possibilities. Employing green screen photography & videography technique was never so easy.

123 Video Magic Pro is an easy to employ software program that enables you to edit and customize videos/images. It helps in making supreme, professional videos quickly and easily. Green background of images and videos can be replaced with videos & images of your own choice. With 123 Video Magic Pro, you can record a new video in front of a green background with the help of a web cam or other video recording device or use a preexisting video having a green background. The software can merge 2 videos, superimpose the videos and images to your videos and also superimpose audios. The software has fast previews and attractive graphics.

123 Image Magic - Photo Editing Software

Amazing Chroma Key Image editing software - 123 Image Magic is an amazing chroma key application that enables you to edit your green screen or blue screen images. Replace the background of any image with any sample or custom background image with 1- click. With 123 Image Magic, you can simply edit your image and upload it instantly to your Facebook and Picasa account. No need to depend on other image editing applications now!

There is a vivid collection of fashion muslin photography backdrops available.

Blue/Green Background replacement:
You can effortlessly replace blue or green background of your images with the help of picture editing software '123 Image Magic'. Remove green or blue photography backgrounds & put in any custom background of your preference.

  • Add Masks: Create a new mask by clicking the 'add mask' button. User can add unlimited number of masks with 123 Image Magic.
  • Remove Mask: Clicking on this button will allow you to remove the recently selected mask.
  • Standard Cropping or Point Cropping:You can easily make points on the image with the clicks of the mouse. It can be used to impart in-depth precision to masking.
  • Smooth Cropping (Free Hand):The feature allows the user to freehandedly draw a mask shape directly onto the canvas. All you need to do is left click and create a mask by dragging the mouse with the flow of your hand.

Photo Editor Software - Filters and Effects Blur: The blur feature enables the user to normal blur or motion blur any image which is to be edited.

  • Normal Blur: This will make the image look dim or indistinct.
  • Motion Blur: Motion Blur is the artifact by which fast-moving objects appear blurred. Each frame in a conventional film is an average sample taken over about half the time it takes to record the frame. Motion blur in 123image magic makes the image look like a fast moving object appearing blurred.
  • Distort Image: 123 Image Magic provides 2 options to distort an image based on linear or angular distortion: Circular & Radial distortion, Wave distortion.
  • Noise Removal: This filter reduces the noise in the image without blurring the edges. Image noise is extraneous visible artifacts that degrade image quality. You can reduce noise to a great extent with the use of this feature. 123 Image Magic provides an option to despeckle noise (remove noise to a certain level) wherein Image quality looks very smooth.
  • Inbuilt Image Editing to Edit Photo: 123 Image Magic is the best photo editing software for pc that allows the users to edit their images in an easy way with inbuilt image editing features. You can also re-size, crop, rotate or flip the images. You can change the placement of any image over the canvas easily. There is no need to depend upon any other image editor software to create beautiful pictures. Image Editing Feature
  • Custom Canvas size options: You can decide on the size of your final output image according to your preference. Choose from different size options available in the software or add a custom size.
  • Magazine Overlays: Get instant fame & impress your friends/colleagues by placing your picture on magazine cover. With the help of amazing inbuilt overlays, you can insert your image on the cover page of any magazine easily.
  • Professional Photo Effects Multiple options for Image adjustment: You can easily adjust your pictures in '123 Image Magic' image editor software with the help of different image adjustment options available in it. You can also adjust the hue, brightness, contrast, saturation of your images. You can adjust red, green & blue balance of your images.
  • One-Click sharing on Picasa and Facebook: 123 Image Magic not only works as a top photo editing software for pc, but it also enables you to share your photos with friends. You can instantly upload your images to Picasa & Facebook account & share them with your friends and family.
  • Direct Printing: You can directly print your images to the printer. Just choose the image & printer and the images will be directly printed via this application. Touch Print Feature
  • Burn CDs or DVDs: Save your pictures easily on DVDs and CDs. With '123 Image Magic' image editing software, you can burn your pictures & other files to CDs/DVDs instantly.
  • Instant Preview options: You can preview your images directly via this best professional photo editing software. Every time you do some change, it is reflected immediately in the preview screen
  • Easy to use Interface: The software has a simple, easy to use interface. With all features and options available on a single screen, you do not have to depend on any person to learn and use the software.
  • User friendly Tips & Help: Learn more about how to use '123 Image Magic' software. With user-friendly tips included in the help file, you can learn everything about editing photos process and photo editor software. The inbuilt, detailed help file makes sure that you do not get stuck in between while using 123 Image Magic.

123 Video Magic Pro Green Screen Video Editing Software

  • New! Add your own preexisting or new videos (in formats avi, wmv, mpg and mpeg) to the background.
  • Videos can be recorded easily. Easy to employ teleprompter enables the users to read the text for videos while recording.
  • Green Screen technology opens new avenues for photo enthusiasts. The green background of the images and videos can be replaced with digital background images and videos based on exciting themes.
  • 7 videos and 50 theme based images are included as background replacement option
  • Quality of existing videos can be improved with green screen technology
  • The green background of the preexisting Videos /Images can be replaced with the images or videos of your choice. You can select any video or image in avi, mpg, wmv and mpeg formats by browsing from your system's hard drive.
  • Videos of different formats like wmv, avi, mpg and mpeg can be edited in this program.
  • Images of different formats like .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tiff, .gif, .jpeg can be edited
  • Sample theme images and videos to change the green background are also there within the chroma key video editing software.
  • Feature to mask the video / image assists the user to mask the intensity (concentration) of green shade in the background.
  • Videos can be published in the formats avi (Xvid, Cinepak, IVX and DIVx), mpg, mpeg (MPEG 1 / MPEG 2 / MPEG 4), wmv or hav.
  • Images can be published in the formats JPEG, BMP, GIF & PNG.
  • Videos can be easily edited or multiple videos can be merged into one.
  • Overlay audio/image on a video.
  • Marvelous transitions between 2 videos or an image or a video can be inserted.
  • Real time recording along with live preview & 1-click background replacement.

Highlights of 123 Video Magic Pro - Video Editing Software

  • Eliminates Chroma key from both videos and images.
  • Useful for both professionals & beginners/home users.
  • Teachers can use for fun-filled learning of kids.
  • Professionals can use the software for making portraits, green screen photography, modeling, wedding photography, and other purposes.
  • The possibilities are countless, like you can place yourself on the covers of the magazines or get clicked with celebrities.
  • Add special green screen after effects such as go invisible, cloning, record movie like a giant,
  • & many more.
  • Most affordable and chroma key video editing software
  • No knowledge of high-end software programs like Photoshop required
  • Add the images of your own choice as image backgrounds and make them look attractive
  • Achieve amazing results with your creativity

123 Image Magic - Photo Editing Software

123 Image Magic help the photographers to come up with professional images without putting in many efforts. The software is widely used by the photographers to impress the viewers with brilliant results.

The software makes it easy for the photographers to have the image background of their choice. The photographers just have to click the images in front of the green screen backdrop which can be later edited to insert the background of their choice.

Professional photographers can use the best image editing software to make their subject stand in front of the great Pyramid of Giza or Eiffel towers. And for doing this, they don't even have to step out of the studio.
Besides editing the background of images, the software allows the user to make a person disappear from the images. All you have to do is make your object wear the green body suit or green gloves and later remove them from the images making them look astonishing.
The Image Editing software also enables the users to merge or overlay the pictures in just no time.
Image Animation

  • It is easier to replace green backgrounds with some attractive image, after shooting in front of green screen backdrop. Thus, it will be a right way to get rid of the hot sun, when you don't want to shoot at outdoor locations, and insert attractive background, later.
  • The professional photographers can use the Best Photo Editing Software for providing some unbelievable effects to your photographs. So much so, that you may be portrayed standing in front of the great Pyramid of Giza, even if you have never stepped out of the studio during the entire shoot.
  • This software can be used extensively for trick photography. Some incredible and astonishing photographs are usually displayed during the exhibitions, and the common man is dismayed with the professional skills of the photographer, without even realizing that the trick is actually played by the Photo Editor Software.
  • With the help of this advanced technique, you can your body parts invisible by wearing the green body suit or green gloves and socks while been shot in front of the green screen. Obviously, your green screen software will fill the green space with the interesting background. Thus, you may also show a head on the shoulders of a skeleton by using this technique.
  • It is possible to merge or overlay the pictures, and use green screen lighting tricks if you are going to use Photo Edit Software for improving the quality of photographs. If, you are an intelligent person, you can find out innovative ways of utilizing this software to earn awe and reverence in this highly competitive market.
  • By using this latest advent in the photography technique, the small photographers can pave their ways towards building a well-equipped photo studio. Even if you hold your digital camera in your hands just for the sake of hobby, you may compete the experienced photographers and filmmakers with a little knowledge about right way of using Image Editing Software.

Examples of Application Usage :

  • There are many occasions when you can't take the situations under your control, but can certainly try to improve its results. The haste in photography may often reflect in the captured images, when the image of the photographer becomes clearly visible in the background mirror. Thus, it is preferable to practice using Photo Editing Programs to avoid such photography blunders.
  • Image Green Screen Software helps in wasting no time in editing photos and post production part. Thus, it is the smart choice for the professional photographers, throughout the world.
  • This software helps in adding versatility in your profile as a photographer.You may also fulfill your creativity by utilizing the Photo Edit Software to add special effects to the simply clicked photographs, in your photo gallery. System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Processor (CPU): Intel® Pentium® 4 (equivalent) or higher recommended
  • Minimum Memory (RAM): 512 MB RAM
  • Minimum Hard Drive Space: 64 MB 
  • Display (Screen Resolution): SVGA monitor with 256 colors and 1024 x 786 resolution
  • Video Card: Any Video Card compatible with DirectX9
  • Internet Access: Web Connection for activation
  • Web Browser: Browser (IE/NS)
  • Other System Requirements: DirectX9 with DirectDraw Acceleration and Hardware Acceleration enabled
  • OS Support: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 All Versions

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