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Continuous Quartz Lights

Photography and Video Kits

Photo video shooting kits with solid colour white & black backdrops. Opaque Solid black backdrops has application for shoots like fashion photography, closeup photos, full cape photos, family portraits, baby and kids photos etc. On the contrast solid white backgrounds are prevalent for formal usages as identity card photos, corporate ID photos,

visa photographs, head shots, individual portraits. These photo screens are pure cotton 100% muslin fabric which offers the best solid colour contrast. All the backdrops are available in different colour, size and fabrics. The professional photography studio background can be set against a backdrop support system for photo shoots. Photography Backdrops are combined with Photo Studio Equipment to form photography studio kits for professionals and beginners. Studio background ships with next day delivery. Buy premium backdrop kits for professional studio photography as photographic backgrounds, prices starting from £39 on premium UK stock with next day delivery.



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