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Heavy Weave Chromakey Green/Blue Muslin Backdrop with Support system and 2000 Watt Quartz Lights


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Brand : Sunprolite
Delivery : 2 to 3 Working Days
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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Green/Blue Muslin Backdrop 
  • 1 x Backdrop Stand.
  • 2 x Softboxes For QL 1000
  • 2 x Continuous lights.
  • 2 x Quartz Bulbs.
  • 2 x Light stands.
  • 1 x Multipurpose Studio Bag. 

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Regular Price: £840.00

Special Price: £305.00

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Regular Price: £840.00

Special Price: £305.00

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Heavy Weave Chromakey Green Muslin Backdrop With a Support System and 2000 Watt Quartz Lights

This kit is exclusively packaged for shooting videos for youtube, sharing across social networks, tutorials, chroma keying etc.

Chromakey Green/Blue Muslin Backdrops
  • Heavy duty, professional quality 
  • Seamless, made from one piece 
  • 3” rod pocket for quick hanging 
  • Sewn finish on all sides
  • Easy to clean.

Backdrop Stand Features:

  • Easy to set up and collapse; no tools needed
  • Opens to 10ft (304 cm) wide and extends to 9ft (274 cm) high
  • Collapses to 120 cm in. high
  • Stand heights adjustable up to 2.7m, Width adjustable up to 3m
  • Backdrop stand use 3 single actions nut locks, providing fast precision height adjustment
  • Cross-bar consists of 4 sections allowing simple adjustments of width. Maximum capacity is approximately 9kg or 20lbs
  • 5/8in female sockets at each end of cross bar, allowing you to use the cross-bar on any backdrop stand
  • Holds muslin, vinyl or any textile backdrops
  • Disassembles quickly and fits easily into its carry case
  • Case is made from heavy duty material, with pockets to fit the components of the background support

Continuous Light - QL 1000

Our Quartz light 1000W is specially designed for the video and photography industry. This light gives totally-variable continuous light, with 100% accurate color rendition throughout the full output spectrum. Our Quartz light 1000W is “ONE Light that can do it all” Video, Digital, Still Photography, movies, and film.  This light is recommended for video, photo, TV and film applications. Perfect for indoor video productions, digital studios, chromakey studios. This kitcan be used with softboxes or umbrellas to get shadow less light that will wrap around your subject. 

Quartz Light Bulb 1000W Features

  • Color Temp: 3300K
  • Voltage:  120V ( For US) 220V ( For UK, AU, FR, NZ)
  • Bulb Color: Clear
  • Base Type: Two Pin
  • Length: 4in
  • Lumens (Mean):  25500

Heat Resistant Soft box 60cmX90cm Features

  • Perfect for embellishing the lighting effect. 
  • To eliminate the shadows so you could hardly see those light spots or shadows in the pictures. 
  • Have silver inner reflectors and detachable inner diffusers to direct light as you need.
  • Made of Aluminum

Light Stand:

The light stand ismade of metal, making it strong for heavy duty work.It is also of light weight and making it portable and easy to store after use.Its solid locking capabilities makes your lights safe. Made by the industrial standard, it supports all types of photo equipment such as softbox, different lights, umbrella etc. It is perfect for photostudio and on site photo and video shoots!

Studio Bag:
  • Transport studio outfits and accessories
  • Ensures enough space
  • Secure transportation for studio equipments
  • Holds compact the backdrop stand, umbrellas, separate from fragile lights stored 
Fabric Type N/A
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